@ Vottero’s pastry shop: will one brioche be enough?

@ Vottero’s pastry shop: will one brioche be enough?

The owners: Address:
Michele e Rosa Vottero Via Zoppi 13, Levanto (SP), Italy
Company’s name: Website / telephone number:
Pasticceria Vottero (+39) 0187 807237



Various types of pastries.

Our pick?

For our breakfast, we chose their ‘brioches’.


Production process:

Brioches are made with flour (00), butter, sugar, honey, water, eggs and baker’s yeast.

Michele first kneads the dough and then leaves it to rise for up to 3 hours; leaving times depend on the current temperature and humidity – cooler temperatures make for faster leavening.

Once the dough is ready, he adds more butter and places it in a machine that will mix it and flatten it. This new ‘sheet’ of dough is left to rest for around one hour and then cut into triangles that are rolled into the form of a brioche. These are now placed on trays and left to rise again for one to two hours before putting them into the oven.

Michele will then brush each brioche with whisked egg (it’ll make the crust slightly crunchy-er and give it its golden color), add a few big grains of sugar and bake it in the oven for around 20 minutes.


Could you find it at La Sosta?

Yes. We pass by the pastry shop every morning to buy a brioche for each guest, which will then be placed at your table. Yes, just for you. We have chosen to get the brioches without any filling as we think it’s nicer to be able to add whatever you wish to it – be it sweet or salty.

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