Sebastiano and Rosy – ‘Vétua’: one place, one wine

The Owners: Address:
Sebastiano and Rosy Loc. Fuisso s.n. Monterosso al Mare (SP) 19016 – Cinque Terre – Italy
Company’s name: Telephone number:
Azienda Agricola Vétua (+39) 320.9382203



 The white wine ‘Vétua’.


Production process:

1-    Harvest, by hand, of the grapes;

2-    The grapes are destemmed;

3-    The slightly crushed grapes and their peels and seeds (which together are called ‘pomace’) are placed in a container from 36 to 72 hours, depending on how much color and flavor Sebastiano and Rosy want the must to extract from the peels;

4-    The must is drained of the pomace;

5-    The peels are pressed to extract the juice left in them;

6-    The must ferments for 8-10 days at a temperature of 28-30°;

7-    When fermentation begins to slow down, the must is placed into another container;

8-    A second decantation takes away the majority of sediments left in the must;

9-    So that only the finer yeasts remain in the must, the latter is decanted another two times;

10-The wine is bottled around May of the year following the harvest. A bit of sulphites are added to block any further fermentations that could begin once the wine is in the bottle. Because during the bottling process the wine is in brief contact with oxygen, the leftover yeasts could begin to ferment again.


Talking along:

 Rosy’s family had owned land and made wine for years, but always only for family and friends. One day, along with Sebastiano, she decided to go a step further: using the machines her father already had available, they began the adventure of making a wine that could be sold.

Though for the first two years they managed to be under the ‘doc’ (denomination of controlled origin) certification, last year they were told that the color of their white wine, which in the Cinque Terre should be ‘straw yellow’, was too dark. They had to clarify it.

On one side, being under the ‘doc’ may mean that people trust your wine more and thus you sell more bottles. But on the other, Rosy and Sebastiano did not want to change a wine that they thought was already perfectly fine. The grapes they had used were the three typical grapes of the Cinque Terre (Bosco, Albarola and Vermentino) and all of the winemaking process had taken place in Monterosso: they refused to clarify their wine, got out of the ‘doc’ and in the end even sold a couple more bottles than the previous year.


the circle of the seasons

the circle of life


the hand

the hand


Let me explain their label as Rosy explained it to me (she is also a painter):

The circle is the circle of life, of the earth and the passing seasons.

The harvest, symbolized by the grape, is the end of a season. Indeed, after the harvest, which happens around September, plants retire for the winter to reconstruct their energy and be born again in the spring.

The hand, on the other side of the bottle, has lines on it: these are the lines of life, but are also the paths of the Cinque Terre. Man, through his hands, supports this land and keeps it all in one piece. Indeed, the roots of the vineyards planted on the side of the hills keep the land firmer and decrease the chances of it crumbling down during the heavy rains of the winter.

This explanation started when I told them that they really had a beautiful label. After understanding the thought behind it, I appreciated it even more.

And why the name? Vétua is the place in Monterosso where their vineyards are.

Could you find it at La Sosta?

Yes, we have bought their wine ever since they opened.

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