Panificio Raso: the best focaccia in levanto (then again, de gustibus)

Panificio Raso: the best focaccia in levanto (then again, de gustibus)

The owner: Address:
Mattia Carbone Via Dante Alighieri 25, Levanto (SP), Italy
Company’s name: Website / telephone number:
Panificio Raso (+39) 0187 808579



Bread, focaccia and some pastries.

Our pick?

For our breakfast, we chose their focaccia.


Production process:

The focaccia’s ingredients are wheat flour (00), water, baker’s yeast, salt, barley malt and olive and extra virgin olive oil.

The ingredients are all mixed together (except the extra virgin olive oil), forming the dough, which is left to rise for half an hour / forty-five minutes, depending on the day’s temperature and humidity.

Once the dough has leavened Mattia or Paolo flatten it out on trays and poke it with their fingertips, not ripping the dough but leaving their fingerprints – if you’ve every tried focaccia, this is where the strange shape of its surface comes from. Before placing it in the oven they put extra-virgin olive oil on top, which will mainly convey into the previously made dips and, once ready, create the more oily parts of focaccia.


before the oven

the dough before the oven



Could you find it at La Sosta?

Yes. We pass by this bakery every morning to buy their focaccia right as it’s coming out of the oven.

Feeling like a local? Try it dipped in cappuccino @La Sosta Breakfast.

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