Luciano Cappellini – when wine runs in your veins

Luciano Cappellini – when wine runs in your veins

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Luciano Cappellini Volastra, Riomaggiore (SP), Italy
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Azienda Agricola L. Cappellini – Casata dei Beghee


 The white wine ‘Cappellini – Cinque Terre DOP’, sciacchetrà and vin de gussa


Production process:

 Cappelini – Cinque Terre Dop:

–       2000 to 3000 kilograms of grapes harvested  in one day. The harvest is all by hand;

–       Grapes are destemmed. The grapes are slightly crushed;

–       Must and peels are separated after a few hours;

–       Fermentation begins, with the yeasts turning the grapes’ sugars into alcohol;

–       malolactic fermentation takes place around June-July of the next year, converting malic acid into lactic acid. This dispels a bit of the acidity of the wine, giving it a softer taste;

–       before being bottled, the wine undergoes 1 year of aging in big metallic barrels;



–       During the harvest, the healthiest grapes are selected, hanged and dried in order to make the sciacchetrà (a sweet wine, made only in the Cinque Terre);

–       By December, these grapes are ready to be pressed;

–       They ferment with their peels (like a red wine) for around 21 days, thus gaining a dark amber color;

–       This wine undergoes two years of aging before being bottled. Luciano usually makes 600-700 bottles from each batch.


Vin de Gussa:

–       This kind of wine is a result of making the Cinque Terre Dop–the white wine Luciano makes- ferment along with the peels of the sciacchetrà.



Talking along:

Though he used to work as a clerk of the courts, making wine runs through Luciano Cappellini’s roots. Seven generations ago his family bought these vineyards and Luciano himself grew up jumping from one terrace to the other, surrounded from September onwards of each year by the smell of crushed grapes and newly made wine.

This same land called him back a few years ago; in 2004 he did the first official harvest of the ‘Cappellini’ winery. Since then, he has worked hard to keep tradition alive while also making use of some of the benefits of innovation. For example, he has placed the lines of vines further apart from each other so that the wind can blow though them. This allows the grapes to dry faster after the rain to decrease the chance of mold forming between each grape.

In the Cinque Terre making wine will always be a tough job – keeping the terrain in shape, harvesting the grapes by hand – but Luciano, as many others, feels it as a part of who he is.


Could you find it at La Sosta?

Yes, you can find both his white wine and his sciacchetrà, though not yet his Vin de Gussa.


Luciano Cappellini

Luciano Cappellini

Cappellini wine bottles

Cappellini wine bottles

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