Il Caprile – making tradition, innovation and passion taste good

The owners: Address:
Elena Incerti Via Belvedere 30, Nazzano (MS), Italy
Company’s name: Website / telephone number:
Il Caprile No website, but their numbers are (+39) 0185 841064 / 333 3197067


Products (all from goat milk):

Ricotta, primo sale, semi-ripened, ripened, fresh caprino (natural or with spices added), blue – veined cheese (natural or with black pepper).

Her favorite?

The blue – veined cheese with black pepper.


Production process:

At Il Caprile, Elena controls the whole production chain of her products.

She owns 50 goats and has two breeds: the camosciata delle alpi, of a brown-black color, and the garfagnina / apuana, which is a local goat breed and is of a white-grayish color.

Goats can be milked mainly when they are having their kids, as they make much more milk than the kid can drink. Following tradition, Elena has decided to let her goats breed according to their natural seasons, letting them deliver once a year – between March and October. In industrial processes, on the other side, the current season is faked through the use of different lighting to make animals breed more than once a year.

Elena milks the goats using a simple milking machine that allows the milk to go directly to where she will use it make cheese, thus making the operation more hygienic. This is very important because all the cheese are made using unpasteurized milk, so it is crucial that the milk remains as sterile as possible.

Later during the day, after having milked her goats, Elena first makes the curd for her different kinds of cheese and then uses the whey to make her ricotta. She will leave the cheese she wants to ripen in two storage rooms at fixed temperature, for periods ranging from a couple of weeks to around three months.


Talking along:

What I was told about Elena: great producer who makes great cheese still following traditional way plus has her own goats.

What I imagined: a nice, possibly slightly stern middle-aged woman, who comes from a family of farmers and was born amidst cheese and goats.

Well, sometimes stereotyping just doesn’t work. A young woman who is a certified agronomist with a degree in ‘science and technologies of animal production’ and a PhD in animal nutrition instead greets me. And tells me that she chose to keep goats because they looked funny. After taking some pictures, I really had to agree with her.

After graduating and finishing her PhD, around 5 five years ago, Elena decided that working with animals was definitely what she wanted to do. With her qualifications, she could have found a job in many big-sized companies, but instead decided that she wanted to have a say in the way the animals were treated and in the production processes employed.

The logical solution to this issue was do just do it herself.

She bought ten goats from a farmer she had met through Slow Food, making sure they were healthy and in top shape and then stayed with the family for a couple of weeks to see how what she had learned in theory about cheese-making is put in practice.

Her cheeses are a mixture of tradition, innovation and passion that, more pragmatically, taste heavenly.


Could you find it at La Sosta?

Oh yes. They will be waiting for you in the cheese selection that we offer with our aperitivo or as part of our dinner menu.

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