Fabio e la Marocca – one bread, one person.

Fabio e la Marocca – one bread, one person.

The owner: Address:
Fabio Bertolucci Via Villa di Regnano, 99a, Casola in Lunigiana (MS), Italy
Company’s name: Website / telephone number:
Il Forno in Canoara (+39) 347 2354711He also has a blog in Italian: http://lamaroccadicasola.blogspot.com/



The ‘marocca’ bread (marocca di Casola).


Production process:

Fabio makes his marocche from sourdough, to which he adds chestnut flour, a bit of corn flour and potatoes, which will make the bread softer.

This dough is then left to rise for around half an hour / one hour and then cut into buns, which in turn are left to leaven for up to one hour and a half. Fabio will then bake them in his wood oven, where 120 marocche can fit at once!

The bread cooks for around 20 minutes; the oven starts at a temperature of around 250°C which then diminishes gradually as the bread cooks.


Talking along:

Fabio is young and full of energy: he greets me with a big smile, asking me to please wait a second so that he can tidy up his stuff a bit: honestly, he had forgotten I was coming.

Anyway, I’m lucky: he is about to take the 120 marocche he just baked out of the oven (yup, see picture) which he will then deliver to his customers, mainly groceries in the area.

While he works, he tells me bits of his story. After some years spent trying to study, he decided that it was not for him. He wanted to be doing something with his hands, something practical. This is why in 2003 he started to work with bakers nearby, learning the art of bread making. In 2008 he opened his own bakery – Il forno di Canoara, in the (really) small town of Regnano-Casola – and soon decided to concentrate on one type of bread: the marocca di Casola. This bread is said to be traditional of this village and was made especially in the Middle Ages, which is possible as chestnut forests surround the village.

Fabio is the only producer in Italy of the marocca, which is a Slow Food Presidium. He is trying hard to promote his product and his dream is to open an agriturismo and buy some of the chestnut trees in the area in order to use his chestnuts to make his own flour for the bread.

I wished him best of luck and decided that his bread was definitely going to be served at La Sosta :)


Could you find it at La Sosta?

YES! We think it’s great at breakfast, either sweet with honey or jam or salty with Mirco’s salami or, if available, along with Elena’s caprino. We also usually serve it as out ‘welcome’ for dinner (see picture!). We do hope you like it and please let us know what you think!

fresh from the oven:)

fresh from the oven:)

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