About the project and me.

The Ligurian Project is born out of La Sosta di Ottone III Kitchen’s desire to provide its guests with a true experience of the area, which for us is also channeled through the use of the best products this region has to offer.

Locating the small, local producers who have a drive for excellence is like playing a game of hide and seek: scattered throughout Liguria’s hills and valleys, finding them takes all your time and patience.

But it is an effort that I want to make. I do not believe in the equation Italian food = good, it does not hold in general. But this country certainly has its traditions to offer,  and I believe that a refined search of our territory may lead us to discover excellencies kept alive only by the few who spend their life making a handful of products which carry with them flavors gained from generations of experience. THAT is what I am looking for.

My name is Costanza Graziani, I’m a 21-year-old student. Though I am a born&bred Italian I study in Montréal, Canada.

In the summer I come back to Italy a bit to touch my roots once more and a bit – honestly – to enjoy the marvel that food is here. Growing up with parents that easily drove hours to find just that place for dinner has taught me a deep appreciation for those particular tastes that you come across every once in a while and that stay with you.

This is what I try to find in my travels. Come @La Sosta Kitchen to find out what they will taste like to you.


Contact Info:

Costanza Graziani


Don’t hesitate to email me if you’d like more information! :)



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